Brick Restoration Game Progress

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Brick Restoration Game Progress

Post by Allen on Sun Oct 26, 2014 7:37 pm

Upcoming Updates:

  • Double jumping system 
  • Animations of the newest minifigure model
    Strafing Right
    Strafing Left
    And a heck lot more...
  • Multiplayer (The past ones were failures to me.)

Known Bugs:

  • None... yet

Past Bugs:
[Fixed 06/20/14] Jump and stuck on ceiling problem
[Fixed 06/20/14] Double jumping when the terrain is slanted will result in a single jump
[Fixed 06/21/14] Minifigure's size and positions are wrong when animations are used in Unity

Loved to play LEGO Universe? Or sad that you never got to play it? Come and join Brick Restoration. We are here to rebuild the happiness we once lost.

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