Brick Restoration: Code of Conduct

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Brick Restoration: Code of Conduct

Post by Allen on Mon Oct 27, 2014 1:40 pm

Just in case if anything happens, but I trust you guys on this.  

  1. Be respectful to everyone else.
  2. Do not pointlessly kill off a piece of work. Instead, provide constructive criticisms. 
  3. Do not pointlessly make random posts for fun or for increasing your post count.
  4. Do not start arguments. 

First offense: A warning will be given.
Second time: Banned for 24 hours.
Third challenge: Banned for 7 days.

I reserve the right to do resolve any situation without following the above punishments.

Loved to play LEGO Universe? Or sad that you never got to play it? Come and join Brick Restoration. We are here to rebuild the happiness we once lost.

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