Unity Assets for Brick Restoration

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Unity Assets for Brick Restoration

Post by Allen on Mon Oct 27, 2014 2:34 pm

As much as I would love to make everything from scratch, there are some great assets out there on Unity Asset Store (UAS) that would greatly help this project by cutting development time. 

Assets I have bought with my own money:

Assets I need in terms of priority (with links to the Unity Assets Store page so you too can know exactly what I need):

  1. Bolt - $65 (The main server I'll be using. Might not be fully compatible with Combu.)
  2. Combu - $40 on UAS or $45 on its official website (This allows me to easily store users' data in a database online. More expensive to buy it on the website but I'll receive updates faster that way.)
  3. Crafty Patching System - $50 (An automatic patching system for your clients so you won't need to re-download the entire game every time I release a new version.)
  4. Anti-Cheat Toolkit - $25 (I just want to support the developer.)
  5. Advanced FPS Counter - $10 (^Same developer as Anti-Cheat Toolkit.)
  6. Camera Path Animator - Animate Cutscenes with Splines - $35 (Easily make camera paths for cut scenes. Probably not even that important, so it's the last on the list.)

Now, onto why I'm posting this. Before you ask, no, I don't need your money. I'll eventually be able to buy those assets with my own money; you guys don't need to spend a cent. I'm just showing you guys that I'm not joking around when I said I wanted to make Brick Restoration.

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